Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Tudor Triumph

Just to cheer up the B team after being denied their match last night here is Tudor showing us all how to swindle again Denton last month. Notes by Tudor.

T Rickards 1 J Lysons 0

1. e4 ...e5

2. Nf3 ...d6
3. Bc4 ...Be7
4. O-O ...Nf6
5. Re1 ...0-0
6. c3 ...a6
7. d4 ...e x d
8. c x d ...Nc6?! (don't like this now, must find a better move)

9. h3 ...b5
10. Bb3 ...Bb7
11. Nc3 ...h6 (shows B is running out of decent moves)
12. e5! ..dxe
13. dxe ...QxQd1
14. RxQd1 (black in some trouble).
15. R1d7 (wish I was White)

Instructive. White completely in charge but needs to find best plan. I suspect gradual strangulation. Black has to, well, just hang in there

16. Bf4 ...Bc8
17. Rd2 ...Be6!? (I like it. What else? )
18. Nd5?! ( Looks strong. Ducks the obvious 18 B x B with severe B p weaknesses to avoid (doubtful) F file counterplay? )
18. ...Na5
19. Rc1? Loses. In pursuit of a win down the c file stuffs himself. Ra1d1retains probable win

19 ...c6! (thank you, white)
Nothing to do. Black forces material gain.
20. Nb4 ...B x Bb3 and wins comfortably. White quickly finds a few more moves to lose more quickly before the endgame.

Lesson: ...Nf6 is rarely played in Philidor's defense. Game shows one reason why. If offered a simplification to a v good endgame, take it.