Wednesday, 23 April 2014

ECA 6 Denton B 0

We needed a big win last night to give us a chance of winning the league and thanks to a weakened Denton B team and a bit of luck we got the perfect result. Now it is down to Denton B to score some game points against Marple next week and we could just stay top.

1. John 1-0 D Boulden (152)

John played his normal Bg5 system against the Nimzo-Indian and a strange position ensued where both players castled Queenside. John's opponent blundered a pawn and then the exchange and then ended up a Rook down but with some nasty threats. John gave up his Queen to stave off the attack but had two Rooks and a Bishop to compensate. After a few shaky moments John finished things off with a mating attack.

2. Phil 1-0 D Holt (136)

I played a decent opening and ended up with a French Defence type position. I created some pressure on the Queenside but then completely missed a move which should have won a piece for Dave. While I was trying to squirm out of my predicament Dave seem to panic a bit at the thought of winning and let me off the hook. I then ground out the endgame.

3. Steve 1-0 P Boyd (128)

This was a very smooth grind for Steve, winning a pawn out of the opening and then gradually increasing his advantage for the rest of the game.

4. Dave N 1-0 I Urwin (121)

Dave opponent played a sort of Wing Gambit against the Sicilian but Dave kept hold of the extra pawn and then won tactically in the middle game.

5. Keven 1-0 E Lesnik (108)

Keven won a pawn early on and smoothly ground out the endgame.

6. Tudor 1-0 D Cook (107)

Tudor achieved one of his favourite positions with a Queenside pawn storm against his opponent's King. He managed to open lines against the King forcing resignation.

So a successful season for ECA, finishing either 1st or 2nd depending on Marple C's result next week. Thanks to the addition of Steve we have a decent front line and should not be fearful of the A division. Gulp.