Thursday, 6 April 2017

ECB 3.5 - 2.5 Altincham A

Our last match of the season saw us take on Altrincham A, which was effectively a play off for the runners up spot.

First to finish was the draw specialist, David T.  After touching the wrong piece (and having to move it) on move 5 he did particularly well this time to recover and earn a draw.  Tudor played a very active opening as black and in his usual swashbuckling style soon had a central pawn up to the 6th rank trapping a bishop.  My opponent allowed me control of the dark squares around his king which set me up for good attacking chances.

Meanwhile, man of  the night  Myles was putting up a strong show to clinch the important win that secured a win for us on the night.

We got edged out very late on on the top 2 boards.  Kev had set up a strong attack in his match  but just couldn't put his stubborn opponent away - fair play to Reg who always shows his bouncebackability.  Dave dave finished his match last of course and with seconds left on each clock he was in a losing pawn endgame.  Frustrating for Dave as he had a chance to settle for a perpetual earlier in the match.

Anyway it was an important win for us and virtually guarantees us the runner up spot in the league - a big improvement on recent years.  Many thanks to everyone who has turned out for us this season!

0 - 1  Dave dave N v Mark Hann (159)
0 - 1  Kev v Reg Clucas (146)
1/2    David T v Mark Whalley (136)
1 - 0  Myles v Nick Lowe (137)
1 - 0  Tudor v Vijay Kakarparthi (90)
1 - 0  Paul v Steve Ward (84)
3.5 - 2.5