Thursday, 4 October 2018

A Team 0.5 - 5.5 Macclesfield A

Welcome back to Division 1 - a thumping defeat!

Our first match of the season saw us up against Macclesfield's A team who are a handy team.  After 2 hours of play though every board was being well contested and looked pretty even.  Unfortunately we just got edged out and, at the end, the result flattered Macclesfield somewhat.

John  0 - 1  Robert Shaw (200)
John had a decent game against his titled opponent but just fell short in the end.

Keven  0 - 1  Dave Risley (172)
Kev is useful with the white pieces and seemed in contention until he missed the dreaded backward diagonal tactic.

David T  0 - 1  Colin Davison (163)
In an exchange French, David made it difficult for his opponent as usual but just got picked off in the end.

Tudor  1/2  James Heppell (160)
Star man of the night was Tudor.  He had the better of this and was slightly ahead with the B pair in a minor piece ending.  When the draw offer came he was probably right to take it, particularly as he had been battling with British Gas all day over the dreaded annual boiler service.

Paul  0 - 1  Carl Gartside (157)
I had an edge out of the opening and had the initiative when I swapped off the Q's but unfortunately ended up losing when I ran out of time in a pretty drawn position.

Nick  0 - 1  John Paul Taylor (156)
After a solid opening by Nick this was a close game for a long time before he unfortunately lost a Qside pawn.  He made it difficult though and in an exciting time scramble where both players showed great calmness JP eventually managed to get over the line with an unstoppable pawn,

A disappointing result but we were certainly not outclassed......