Friday, 27 January 2017

ECB 5.5 - 0.5 Denton A

Denton are lacking their stars this year in the Stockport League and fielded a team on Wednesday night that we were hopeful of beating.  As it happened they battled well but, with no blunders or slip ups from us, we managed to record our biggest win in the post Brexit Britain era - in fact probably post Thatcher.

Dave Dave's game finished quite quickly.  All pieces were off apart from double rooks each and in a Stonewall type formation a draw was agreed. I finished a couple of minutes later after my opponent had kindly allowed me to pin his Q with a B.

Kev employed a slow Catalan which Holty tried to spice up with a dubious combination.  Kev played it well and ended up a piece up with runaway pawns for a convincing win.

Jim played a patient game and after the Q's came off early allowed his opponent to gain space with pawn moves before picking him off and winning the exchange.  Jim's better placed K then led to a straight forward win.

So, a win was guaranteed for us on the night with the remaining 2 evenly matched games to play out.  Tudor had been slightly up against it in an open game but his opponent was entering time troubles.  This allowed Tudor to eventually find a very active defensive move which set up a fantastic tactical win.  David T then finished the night off having finally driven his opponent into the ground and his extra material won the day.

This win puts us up to the dizzying heights of second in the league with a (possible) promotion push for the remainder of the season.  Surely we won't end up replacing the A team in Division One...........

1/2    Dave N v David Campbell (148)
1 - 0  Kev v David Holt (142)
1 - 0  David T v Stan Bradley (119)
1 - 0  Tudor v Ivan Urwin (122)
1 - 0  Jim v John Tonkin (108)
1 - 0  Paul v Peter Shaw (50)
5.5 - 0.5