Monday, 15 November 2010

Bramhall put up a fight

ECA continued their good start to the season last night with another win, this time over Bramhall.

Bramhall, one of the weaker teams in the division, were heavily outgraded but they made us fight for the points and we eventually won 4.5 - 1.5.

Here is how it unfolded:

1. John Reed 1-0 Peter Thursfield (134)

Playing his favourite system against the Nimzo Indian Defence John soon won a piece and then the game with a raging attack.

2. Graham Ball 1-0 Nicholas Flaherty (125)

On the Black side of a Torre attack Graham tempted his opponent to over-extend himself and then mopped up a piece.

3. Phil Ramsey 0.5-0.5 Keith Hodgson (108)

I was expecting an easy game against a lower rated player but he played a solid Philidor's Defence - an opening I have very little experience of playing. I built up a good position but threw away my advantage in the time scramble and had to fight for the draw in a rook endgame.

4. Dave Broadbent 0-1 Hartley Oldham (101)

It is hard to beat low-rated players who keep making good moves! On the Black side of an Old Benoni Dave had a slightly cramped position and then loosened his kingside too much allowing his opponent a stinging attack.

5. Keven Holton 1-0 Duncan Chandley (86)

Keven played the Exchange Ruy Lopez and soon won a couple of pawns with some accurate moves.

6. David Taylor 1-0 Geoff Smith (71)

Playing a sort of Queen's Indian Defense David soon had a more active position and then used his pressure to win a pawn and then the endgame. David has continued his good form from last season. Let's hope he has a bad night on Wednesday when he plays me!

Next up our own East Cheshire B this Wednesday.

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