Thursday, 12 April 2012

ECA 3.5 Altrincham A 2.5

ECA won their final home match of the season last night to cement their position in 3rd place. Smooth wins by John, Keven and Paul saw us to victory.

1. P Ramsey 0 - 1 Y Kolodiy (178)

Playing another King's Indian I had a cramped position and in time trouble missed a move to free my position and ended up with a losing endgame.

2. J Reed 1 - 0 K Lockett (169)

Karl played the opening badly and gave John a strong Kingside attack. John missed the quickest win but kept Karl under pressure and he eventually collapsed.

3. K Holton 1 - 0 W McCartney (136)

Keven had a perfect Sicilian, easily refuting McCartney's attack and then taking control of the board with his extra centre pawns.

4. P Bamford 1 - 0 R Clucas (127)

Paul's slow system against the Sicilian was exactly that but eventually yielded Paul a mating attack.

5. T Rickards 0 - 1 D Hughes (134)

Tudor had an equal position out of the opening but drifted into a defeat (the game ended in my time trouble so I didn't see what happened.)

6. A Stokes 0.5 - 0.5 C McNulty (120)

All the heavy pieces were swapped off on the open C file and a sharp endgame was eventually drawn due to insufficient material.

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