Thursday, 17 October 2013


After last season's debacle in one of the head-to-head matches where ECB won, ECA made sure of a strong team this time around. This time the match went by the form book and the B team only managed two draws.

1. Phil 0.5 - 0.5 Paul

I played an obscure Benoni system which I am quite familiar with and gained a lot of time on the clock but had a cramped position. When Paul chose to push some Kingside pawns rather than advance in the centre I had the time to break free on the Queenside and free my game. Eventually Paul's attack petered out and I managed to win a piece but did not have enough time to convert my advantage.

2. Tudor 1-0 Nick

Tudor seemed to get nothing out of the opening but managed to win a couple of pawns in the endgame and easily converted his advantage.

3. Keven 1-0 Geoff

Despite having White Geoff invited Keven to attack him and Keven gradually advanced his pawns and pieces to win comfortably.

4. Alan 0.5 - 0.5 Keith

Playing the Queen's Gambit Declined this game looked very even for much of the game. Alan eventually gained an advantage but then had to bale out into a drawn ending.

5. Bill 1-0 Myles

Bill played a strong Nimzo-Indian defence and gradually took over the board.

6. David T 1-0 Ian

David played a solid Reti and steadily won material until Ian had no tricks left to try.

So a 5-1 win for ECA and hopefully a fun evening for all.

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