Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Stockport B 2.5 East Cheshire A 3.5

ECA got the win last night against a strong Stockport side. Tudor got an early win, Keven got a solid draw and then late wins on the top two boards brought us home.

1. M Taylor (169) 0-1 John

Playing against the Tarrasch Defence John gained space on the Queenside and it looked like he would be battling on that side of the board while Mike attacked his King. However John switched to a Kingside attack, gave up a pawn on the Queenside and broke through convincingly against Mike's King. A very nice win.

2. M Tunstall (156) 0-1 P Ramsey

I played a kind of Modern Defence with a King's Indian setup and got an equal position out of the opening. I then decided to roll the dice and attack on the Queenside allowing my opponent play in the centre. As a result I ended up with a passed Rook's pawn and when I managed to exchange off the pieces this pawn won the day, deflecting his King to the side of the board to stop it while my King went to the Kingside to eat some pawns.

3. D Sheppard (157) 1-0 Dave N

Dave built up a very strong attack against his opponent who seemed to be without counterplay or hope. However once again the clock was not on Dave's side and he eventually had to resign as he had run out of time.

4. M Crowther (158) 0-1 Tudor

Playing a sideline against the Alekhine's Defence Tudor's opponent blundered a piece early on and Tudor didn't give him any way back into the game.

5. J Mason (153) 0.5-0.5 Keven

Keven played his solid Trompowsky Attack and achieved an equal position. However both players were attacking on the same side of the board so eventually a draw was offered.

6. A Coe (151) 1-0 Dave B

Dave accidentally played a system he does not usually play against the English and ended up being crushed out of the opening. One to put down to experience.

This was definitely our best result so far the season and should cement our position in the top half of the table.

Next up: Home to Altrincham in the cup next Wednesday.

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