Friday, 20 February 2015

ECB 2 - 4 Stockport B (Wed Feb 18)

As usual we were outgraded but put up another fighting performance and were again close to getting something out of the match.

Tudor 1/2 - 1/2 Mike Tunstall (159)

Tudor gave another solid display on board one and was offered the draw in an even looking contest..

Jim 0 - 1 Andy Coe (155)

Jim's Giuoco Piano led to an interesting game where he had the bishop pair and rooks against 2 knights and rooks.  It looked like it was heading for a draw but unfortunately the horses won the day.

Keven 0 - 1 Mike Crowther (154)

Kev's Pirc set up was perhaps a bit passive against an Austrian Attack and fell to a blow to his Q's rook.

Paul 0 - 1 Jeff Mason (150)

I played a quick development set up against the Philidor and created some pressure and perhaps should have sac'd a pawn to open up the kingside but Jeff defended carefully and then created some counterplay which turned out to be decisive.

Alan 1/2 - 1/2 Peter Taylor (139)

Alan was black against a particularly slow looking Q pawn opening system and he managed to take the initiative gaining a pawn.  Frustratingly, the resulting R & P ending, even with an extra pawn, looked drawish.

Myles 1 - 0 Anthony Prime (112)

Myles played a Dutch opening and looked very solid in a pretty even looking position, but managed to convert a draw into a full point with some clever play.  Our only winner of the night.

Next up is against runaway league leaders Macclesfield A at home on March 4th where I get the feeling a major upset could well be on the cards.

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