Friday, 30 October 2015

Marple B 3 - 3 ECB (Thurs 29/10)

We actually outgraded our opponent's for a change and so hoped to take the full points home but Marple put up a really good fight.

Tudor got us off to a great start with a classy win and then David T put on a MOTM peformance to see off Sean Hewitt.  David managed to get a real initiative and deflect Sean's forces and then just munch up plenty of pawns.  Well done David!

So, we were 2-0 up but were struggling on the lower boards.  The particularly loud pub quiz announcer downstairs, which was more audible on the lower boards, didn't help.  I found myself staving off a strong attack from my opponent whilst at the same time wondering which non American golfer has won the most Majors. I said under my breath "Ballesteros" but then thought it might have been Gary Player, or even Nick Faldo.

Anyway, Bill seemed to be in an eventful game and ended up losing narrowly and Jim's classic Bishop Opening came unstuck against a later f5 from his opponent.  My own game was a very slow positional Closed Catalan and I eventually allowed my opponent an attack.  Fortunately he wasn't able to find the killer moves in a complicated position and when I finally managed to get my pieces active I was able to create enough threats to win on time.

Geoff's was the last game to finish and went right down to the wire.  From an English opening the game ended in a pawn ending and Geoff just got  edged out in a close finish.

So it turned out to be a tricky match but at last we didn't get beat.  There's a bit of a gap now till our next match (the match at Stockport B has been moved back from Nov10th to Dec 15th) so our next match is away at Altrincham on Dec 8th.

0 - 1  Sean Hewitt (160) v David T
1 - 0  Chris Baker (134) v Geoff B
0 - 1  Terry Cowling (133) v Tudor
1 - 0  David Preen (129) v Bill
1 - 0  Alan Hall (120) v Jim
0 - 1  Martin Cutts (122) v Paul
3 - 3

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