Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stockport 4 East Cheshire 1

Unfortunately there wasn't much Christmas cheer for us last night as we went crashing out of the President's Cup in the 1st Round Replay. I turned up last minute, lost the coin toss, then wrongly advised our team what colour they were playing - not a good start.

Tudor was first to finish......... "League record loss as fast as fools mate!  Sat down expecting white
Switched seats and did not 'reset' for black, but happy to play a variation of Alekhine I know very well.
Was thinking of and played fourth move when I hadn't played third, leaving me a knight down. 1 minute on clock.  Resigns"  It was a shame for Tudor, particularly as he's been in terrific form recently.

Bill finished next and his trusted Caro got him a fine draw with a solid performance.  Kev got what looked like a good positon against a Queens Indian but his opponent found a resource later on to win.

Nick looked in control in his match but it wasn't quite as simple as it looked and he lost his way when trying to press for a quicker win.  I had a decent postion but was happy to accept a draw when it was offered.

1 - 0  Mike Crowther (167) v Tudor
1 - 0  Andy Coe (162) v Keven
1/2    Mike Tunstall (160) v Bill
1/2    Jill Barber (141) v Paul
1 - 0  Peter Taylor (121) v Nick
4 - 1

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