Friday, 22 January 2016

Macc A 3.5 ECA 2.5 - the boring details

If you haven't read Tudor's post below you really should; it is much more entertaining than this one.

The bit about the icicles was only a slight exaggeration - the room really was frigid and the electric heater seemed to mainly be there for decoration.

On to the match - a great effort and almost another point. I have a feeling our first win isn't far away!

1. Steve 0.5 - 0.5 R Shaw (204)

Steve played solidly as ever in a Ruy Lopez and when offered a draw by his strong opponent decided not to tempt fate.

2. Phil 0 - 1 D Whitmore (162)

I had good opening in a hyper-accelerated Dragon, quickly building up pressure against my opponent's centre. However my opponent didn't make life easy for me and when he made a move I hadn't considered after I snatched a central pawn I gave up to exchange. According to the computer I could have ended a clear pawn up. I had some slight pressure for the exchange but some rather wild moves in time pressure meant I ended up a Rook down. Sigh.

3. John 1 - 0 D Risley (162)

John played a new system against the Nimzo-Indian and ended up in a line he knew well. He got a very comfortable endgame where his opponent's two remaining pieces were stymied. Despite the shock of realising there was no time control, John held it together and his opponent ended up losing on time.

4. Geoff B 1 - 0 N Evans (169)

Geoff played his favourite Owen's Defence, castled Queenside and won material with a strong attack. A great win for Geoff.

5. Tudor 0 - 1 C Davison (167)

Tudor played a sort of Yugoslav Attack formation against a Benoni defence. However his opponent seemed to be familiar with the system and defended well as well as counter-attacking against Tudor's Queenside King.

6. David T 0 - 1 P Cattermole (153)

"Fort Knox David" played his favourite system but the fort was compromised and he lost and pawn and then the endgame.

So eventually Macclesfield's strength in depth told and we lost narrowly but put up a great fight.

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