Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Stockport A 5 - 1 ECA

It's never easy facing Stockport A and last night was no different - even though they were missing 4 or 5 of their other stars.  We got stuck in though and competed well and even managed to avoid the dreaded whitewash!  Brief highlights below, although I didn't see too much of the other games as I was too much under the cosh myself.

1 - 0  Allan Beardsworth (215) v John
John was up against Nigel Short's old school chum and had a go by pushing some pawns forward but unfortunately one of them got picked off and Allan then showed his technical ability.

1/2  Andy Reeve (203) v Geoff B
Man of the night Geoff soaked up some early pressure but was then able to equalize and was offered the draw.  Well done Geoff!  A great result.

1 - 0  Alan A Smith (194) v Keven
Kev seems to be enjoying life in Division 1 and plays with a smile on his face.  He got some early pressure in his game but unfortunately his opponent turned it around later on.

1/2  Mike Crowther (166) v Jim
Man of the night Jim (yes, there were at least 2 last night) did a great job against the always tricky City fan and produced an assured display for a solid result.

1 - 0  Mike Taylor (165) v Tudor
Tudor went the full distance and caused his usual problems but just got edged out in the end.

1 - 0  Mike Tunstall (156) v Paul
In an opposite castling game I was under pressure but managed to get double R's on the half open g file attacking his K.  With my other pieces well placed I thought I had some late counterplay before I blundered badly although I think I was losing anyway.

So, on a positive note this was our best result so far this season.  The only way is up.

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