Thursday, 10 October 2019

ECA 5 - 1 Wilmslow

Life back in Division 2 started well for us last night with a comfortable win against Wilmslow.  Very brief details below - my opponent didn't turn up so I left very sharpish to catch a bit of Stockport County on Sky.

John  1/2  Richard Evans (168)
John was up against Mr Consistent but was disappointed not to get the full point as he felt he missed a clear win.

Geoff  1/2  Kevin Moran (157)
Kevin's grade may have dropped since last year but he's always a tough opponent.

Tom Jones  1 - 0  David Mowat (133)
Our new summer signing marked his debut with a nice win.  Well done Tom.

Paul - Default

Nick  1 - 0  Robin Warhurst (102)
Nick made a bright start and went on to claim the full point.

Tudor  1 - 0  Mike Craven (102)
Tudor's game was the last to finish with him a rook and pawn up and about to queen with a time advantage before his opponent finally threw in the towel.

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