Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Double Discovered Check

Well finally I have a chess game worth blogging about! Here are the highlights of my game against Lysons of Denton last night.

1. White has just played 12. Bb2. Can you see a shot that I missed?

I played 12. ... a6 but 12. ... Ne5 would have ruined his kingside pawns.

2. White has just played 21. a4? What did I play?

21. ... Ne5! wins a pawn, as does 21. ... Nxc5!

3. We then reached the following position with Black to move. What should the plan be?

The problem is that if Black swaps queenside pawns and the Queens the position will probably be drawn. Therefore I decided to use my extra kingside pawn to storm his king.

26. ... b4 would have been good but I began the storm with 26. ... e5.

4. I then got the below position with Black to move. It is useful to know some of the cast iron rules of chess. One is that in double discovered check you have to move your king. Knowing this rule allowed me to bash out the winning move in time trouble. What was it?

33. ... Rxg3+ wins the house.

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