Sunday, 10 October 2010

The C Team vs Urmston, 5th October 2010

The C Team won 3-2. Moreover, everyone enjoyed the match. The scores were:
Urmston (Home) East Cheshire C (Away)
J Royle 0 1 Alan Stokes
T Plunkett 0 1 Geoff Clarke
J Bradley 1 0 Bill Tait
C Maudsley 1/2 1/2 Andy Walker
G Randall 1/2 1/2 Roy Burrows
Total 2 3

Roy (acting Captain) set up an unanswerable threat and accepted the draw offered by his much higher-graded opponent.
Andy also drew his game against strong opposition. He was on the back foot for the first 15 moves, but then managed to bring in a knight that both reinforced his defence and threatened the opponent's queen. This turned the game around and it went to the wire, but with insufficient material for a mate in the time remaining.
With the match at 2-2, the result hinged on Alan's game, a slow cerebral battle which Alan won on time, before the time control was reached.

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