Thursday, 14 October 2010

ECA Marches On

Another match, another victory for ECA!

I was expecting a tough match against Altrincham but it turns out that their captain only remembered about the match the night before and so had to cobble a team together at the last minute.

Their weakness showed as we stomped over them 6.0!

Here is how we stacked up:

1. John R (169) 1 - 0 D. Merryfield (142)
2. Phil R (155) 1 - 0 D. Hughes (130)
3. Dave N (154) 1 - 0 K Linke (124)
4. Keven H (142) 1 - 0 C McNulty (121)
5. Tudor (137) 1 - 0 C McCoy (93)
6. Paul B (132) 1 - 0 S Ward (86)

John as Black had to grind down a stodgy Colle System but eventually managed to loosen up his opponent's King and win a pawn.

I was on the White side of a solid Ruy Lopez and won first a pawn and then a piece as my opponent misplayed his position.

Dave's opponent will not win any awards for subtlety as he attempted a version of Scholar's mate against the Sicilian. Fortunately Dave saw the threat and refuted his opponent's ridiculous opening!

Keven's success with 1. e4 continued as he quickly won material with his closed system against the Sicilian Defence. I'm glad that the London system has been abandoned for now!

Tudor's game started (if I am not mistaken) 1.e4 d5 2. Qe2 ?!! I'm not sure what his opponent had been smoking but Tudor had no problem getting a full point out of this one.

Paul played the ultra-aggresive Danish Gambit and seemed to be more material up every time I looked at his game. Nice work but not every game in Division II will be as easy.

Well played and next up is Urmston in the cup at home on Wed 27th Oct.

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