Thursday, 29 November 2012

ECA 4.5 Stockport B 1.5

ECA continued their winning ways against a decent Stockport B side last night. Wins by Phil, Tudor and Paul saw ECA to a comfortable 4.5 - 1.5 victory.

1. P Ramsey 1 - 0 J Mason (152)

I had a perfect King's Indian where my opponent managed very few threats on the Queenside and my Kingside attack won the day. My opponent would have done better to ignore my attack for a while but kept on making little pawn and piece moves that actually helped me. Better to make some threats of your own that obsess about what your opponent is doing.

2. D Newell 0.5 - 0.5 M Tunstall (147)

Dave seemed to have a trouble-free Bird's opening with a steady attack on the Kingside. He eventually won a pawn but Mike managed to hold the endgame.

From Dave: The opening went smoothly black doing all the wrong things against Birds Opening allowing me to win a pawn and reach a won ending. I immediately missed one opportunity to win easily by forcing an exchange of all the pieces and instead reached an ending where we had same coloured bishops and I had one extra protected passed pawn. Even though the win was more difficult it was still fairly straight forward but I chose totally the wrong plan and even worse chose it very slowly!

3. T Rickards 1 - 0 F Moan (139)

Tudor had a wild King's Indian trying to defend against the Four Pawn's Attack. Tudor's pieces were very active but Francis had two very strong centre pawns. In the end Francis managed to promote a pawn but ran out of time before checkmate. Luckily Tudor had a pawn left (mating material) so could claim the win.

4. N Flaherty 0.5  - 0.5 D Preen (136)

Nick's game was relatively quiet and after a solid Queen's Pawn opening and an even middlegame a draw was agreed.

5. D Broadbent 0.5 - 0.5 V Rushworth (135)

Dave played his favourite French Defence and got a slightly favourable middlegame. However his opponent played well and drew comfortably.

6. P Bamford 1 - 0 P King (128)

Paul played the King's Indian Attack and ended up in an unusual middlegame when his opponent castled queenside. Paul won a couple of pawns in the endgame and won easily.

We have a bigger test next week - Stockport A in the cup!

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