Wednesday, 14 November 2012

ECB 4.5 ECA 1.5

Oh dear.

In an attempt to make this match more exciting I had agreed that the A team would get the top 4 players and the B team would get the pick of the rest of the club. This would have given the A team the advantage on four boards but a last minute reshuffle meant that we were only stronger on the top three. Hmmm.

1. Dave B 1 - 0 Phil

I surprised Dave in the opening and built up a strong position after Dave wasted some tempi. However I couldn't find a decisive breakthrough and spent too long pondering the problems. The game ended with a time scramble and me losing on time.

2. Keven 0.5 - 0.5 John

John had a slight advantage with a kind of Dutch system. However Keven played very solidly and managed to exchange off most of the pieces, eventually securing a draw.

3. Paul 0 - 1 Tudor

Tudor built up a big space advantage against Paul's Modern Defence and eventually won a piece.

4. Alan 1 - 0 Keith

Keith played solidly but ended up with a couple of backward pawns. Alan won some pawns and in the end Keith very nobly resigned rather than let Alan lose on time in a won position!

5. Nick 1 - 0 Andy B

Andy gave up two pieces for a rook and pawn and some pressure. However once Nick's two bishops started criss-crossing the board Andy was mincemeat.

6. David T 1 - 0 Edwin

Edwin lost some pawns early on and, despite battling hard, never managed to get back into the game.

The one consolation for the A team is that we will have a re-match next week. B team watch out!

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