Thursday, 5 March 2015

ECB 2 - 4 Macclesfield A

After the near heroics and high passion of the A team's match the night before, this one was a much tamer affair.  Macc brought a strong team with a 100% record and expected to win - and unfortunately they did.  As usual we put up a good contest and punched above our weight but annoyingly chalked up yet another 2 - 4 loss.

Tudor  0 -1  Robert Shaw (204)

Tudor kept in this one against his strong opponent till late in the evening but eventually succumbed to a runaway advanced pawn.

Paul  1 - 0  Dave Risley (172)

Well..... I've lost so many "won" games it was nice to win a lost one for a change!  I was a pawn down in a R & P ending but then my opponent over complicated things and, not seeming to understand the digital clocks, he proceeded to lose on time.

Alan  0 - 1  Tony Soames (167)

This was a real battle with Alan very much in with a chance until very late on.  He eventually  lost the exchange but then unleashed a very menacing attack but unfortunately Tony managed to find the saving defence.

Bill  0 - 1  Geoff Laurence (161)

Bill had a great lead in development and was looking comfortable at one stage but Geoff eventually got going and managed to scrape home.

Myles  1 - 0  Denzil Lobo (151)

Myles's Modern led to a strangely quiet game but he handled it well and went on to pick up another fine win.

Arnold  0 - 1  Chris Sizeland (155)

Many thanks to Arnold for stepping in at the last minute to avoid defaulting a board.  He stuck at it well and kept his tough opponent waiting till after half past nine to claim his win.

So, we have 3 matches left, two of which are real 6 pointers (or should that be four pointers).  We still have a good chance of staying up and we're definitely due a win.

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