Friday, 20 March 2015

ECB 4 - 2 Altrincham A

A well earned win.  At last!  Altrincham turned up with a weaker than expected team but they still had to be beaten and we put up a really strong team performance to pull it off.  We're now up to the dizzy heights of third from bottom with survival in the division in our own hands......

Tudor  1/2  Reg Clucas (155)

Tudor was level in material but was being squeezed and it didn't look good.  But he cleverly kept it closed and gave Reg no targets and, running out of time, a draw was agreed giving us a valuable half point.

Keven 1 - 0  Nick Lowe (143)

Kev plays the Tromp like the great Julian Hodgson!  His dominant knights and strong central pressure limited his opponent's counterplay enabling Kev to gain material and finish off nicely.

Jim  1/2  Mark Whalley (156)

Jim came out of the opening a pawn down but managed to convert to an opposite B ending.  He doggedly stuck at it and even though 2 pawns down he frustrated his opponent and was able to force a draw by potential stalemate to clinch victory for us on the night.

Alan  1/2  Callum McNulty (110)

Alan was up against a Nimzo Indian which led to a rather dull middle game and, never in any trouble, a draw was agreed after a repetition.

Myles  1/2  Steve Douglas (103)

Myles had traffic jam problems trying to get his pieces on a limited number of squares in his Modern set up but, with threats looming, was able to agree a draw.

Paul  1 - 0  Wayne Kranz (63)

My opponent played the tricky Elephant Gambit and wanted an open game but I landed the first tactical blow and just had to stay alert to finish it off.

Well done everyone!  Next up: Denton B away on April 15th.

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