Friday, 17 April 2015

Denton B 4 - 2 ECB

We had to default a board on Wednesday night due to holidays etc so we knew we were going to need some luck or inspiration.  As we arrived at Denton Conservative Club we were greeted by our great (?) leader, David Cameron, giving sincere and inspirational speeches on the big screen downstairs on a continuous loop.  As I climbed the stairs I was trying to remember some of Keven's stirring Churchillian speeches to try to rally the troops.  When I finally made it upstairs the best I could manage was "listen lads, we're a board down before we start - but there's still 5 to play for".

Luckily Edwin had remembered his new glasses and seemed to be seeing the board well and was in an at least equal position.  Unfortunately he miscalculated a forcing sequence which ended up losing his game - it happens.  Meanwhile Nick was playing a very solid game against an English and then launched an attack which pressurized his opponent into a mistake -  a fine game by Nick.

At this point, even though we were 2 - 1 down, it looked like the unthinkable could happen - we might even win the match.  Keven was in very good shape in a complicated unbalanced position, Tudor was a full piece up and I was just about to go a pawn up.  However we were just unable to get over the line.  Tudor unfortunately blundered his extra piece back and at the same time presented his opponent with an unstoppable attack.  Tudor was obviously disappointed but took his unexpected defeat with great class.

Keven said of his game: "Classical  Dutch. I was robbed of my Tromp!!  However, I managed to get in an early e4 that  worked. I risked winning a pawn, allowing an attack but this fizzled out after winning the exchange. I then had a draw that he made easier by sacrificing another pawn for activity but B and 4P .v. R and 2P Fritz rated as + for me."

I was white in my game against a Sveshnikov and ended up a pawn up in a R and P ending but with the match lost and time running out, I accepted a draw offer from my opponent.

The really good news for us though is that Marple B lost the night before which (I think) now makes us safe from relegation.

Tim Hilton (158)  1/2  Keven
George Kolbusz (155)  1 - 0  Tudor
Dave Bouldon (143)  1/2  Paul
Dave Holt (146)  0 - 1  Nick
Phil Boyd (117)  1 - 0  Edwin
Ivan Urwin  1 - 0  Default
4 - 2

Next match:  Marple B away next Thursday (last match of season).

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