Friday, 17 April 2015

Marple A 4.5 East Cheshire 1.5

Our final match of the season was the rather tricky matter of Marple A away. With relegation already certain all we could do was hope for a good battle and overall I think we achieved that.

1. A Longson (222) 1-0 John

John played a solid Colle System against his titled opponent but allowed Alex to snatch a Queenside pawn and was then ground down.

2. A Walton (202) 1-0 Phil

My King's Indian faced a kind of Veresov Attack which then transposed into a sort of French Defence position! I was cramped but played the classic f5 break and according to the computer I was doing OK until I rashly gambited a pawn for an open file against his King. I then managed to release my bad White square Bishop and things became interesting but I had no time to find the best moves. A fun game in any case.

3. J Bentley (202) 1-0 Steve

In a sharp game Steve won material but his King was vulnerable. His opponent managed to penetrate with Queen and Knight with a decisive attack.

4. J Horton (190) 0-1 Tudor

In what must be one of his finest wins Tudor played the tricky Alekhine's Defence and got a playable middlegame. He then outplayed his opponent to win a pawn and the endgame.

5. I Lentzos (192) 1-0 David T

David's trusty Reti only yielded a passive position and his opponent gradually advanced and took over the board.

6. G Trueman (163) 1/2 Paul

Paul equalised out of the opening with a solid French Defence. He managed to get a pawn ending with Bishop against Knight but was not able to find a winning plan.

So there ends a challenging season with one win, one draw and eight defeats. We didn't win a couple of matches that we could have won and paid the price. However we are all ready for some easier matches next season!

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