Thursday, 18 February 2016

ECA 3.5 Denton A 2.5

Well I never. ECA managed a first win of the season last night against fellow strugglers Denton A. We managed to field our strongest team and our strength in depth told in the end.

1. Steve 1-0 P Orejuela (178)

Steve played a solid Ruy Lopez but his opponent played well and after a number of exchanges had a slight initiative. However she also had very little time left and Steve managed to create problems. Eventually he got his Rook and Queen behind her King with a mating attack.

2. Phil 0-1 K Celinski (153)

As normal I got a decent position out of the opening. In a variation of the Hyper-accelerated Dragon I am very familiar with I had some pressure against my opponent's centre. However I then tried to be clever rather than play an obvious recapture which left the position dead equal. I then missed a simple threat to trap my Knight. Oh dear. I got a pawn for the piece and managed to create some pressure in the endgame but my opponent played solidly enough and held out for the win.

3. John 0.5-0.5 T Hilton (168)

John faced a kind of Nimzo-Indian and Tim played very well, gradually building up pressure all over the board. Tim finally got an endgame a couple of pawns up but didn't have time to win it.

4. Kieran 0-1 J Eversley (150)

Kieran seemed to be doing OK in a sort of Owen's defence but was behind in development. He then lost a pawn and the endgame.

5. Geoff B 1-0 D Boulden (137)

Geoff played his favourite Colle System and got a strong Knight on e5. He then advanced his central pawns for a smooth win.

6. Dave N 1-0 D Holt (133)

Dave's opponent did not manage to create many threats against Dave's familiar accelerated Dragon and Dave smoothly outplayed his opponent, mating him in the endgame to win the match for us.

So we are now two points behind Denton with a match in hand. Things could get interesting!

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