Friday, 26 February 2016

ECA 2.5 Marple A 3.5

The match between East Cheshire A and Marple A on Feb 25th 2016 at Marple went as follows
Marple                        East Cheshire
M Fernandez (212)  0.5  0.5  S Tranter (180)
J Bentley  (192)         1     0     J Reed   (173)
G Trueman (176)    0.5  0.5   G Brindle (150 est)
S Hewitt (160)         1     0    D R Taylor (142)
A Hall   (148)           0     1     T Rickards (138)
C Baker (134)         0.5    0.5   B Tait  (139)
Marple A won 3.5  :  2.5
The outcome hinged on Steve’s game at the end, with both players on less than 5 minutes.  Steve had a Q & K, MF a rook & K.

The whole club and visitors gathered round and watched for at least 10-15 minutes as Steve tried his best to corner MF, but MF played brilliantly as well and no mistake being made it ended drawn.  Fischer timing of course.

Tudor's version:

Further adventures of the Knights of East Cheshire

Annus Mirabilis: The Apotheosis of Sir Stephen

I tell of great deeds of courage and skill in battle. The knights of the East Cheshire round table set out courageously for the mountains of Marple.

None battled more valiantly than Sir Stephen, against the young champion of Marple, Fernandez the fearsome.

The other knights fought against the well trained opponents   Even the skills of Sir John of Gascony were to no avail and he retired from the fray, followed by Sir David of Elmsmead.

After many an hour in grim conditions, matching only those of the dank chambers of Chorlton, Sir Geoffrey Cricket agreed  an honourable tie.

The aging Welsh knight Sir Tudor Treforest launched a reckless attack which confused his youthful opponent, already disconcerted with attacking grunts from Sir T partly due to ingestion of a secret Welsh beverage quaffed throughout the contest. (Ross on Wyan brew).  A hit, a palpable hit, and East Cheshire were still in the contest.

The tourney was lost after Sir William, clad in his famous vermillion battledress, was thwarted and agreed a tied contest.

But all this while, as midnight approached, Sir Steven was engaged in battle against Fernandez the fearsome. The field was strewn with the hors de combat fallen. The entire pawn army of each had gone, but the last one was ennobled to Queen status as Fernandez saw a brilliant defence. He fought on, now with a Castle and against Sir Steven’s Queen. The task is a rare finale to a joust. According to the books of battle, the queen will prevail but unless you know the ancient lore, you may exceed the fifty move limit on hostilities.

The battle waged around the board. By then, a crowd of hushed onlookers surrounded the scene. Sir Steven pressed, and the queen could win the rook. Bur Fernandez had seen one more further, and taking the rook would but leave to a stalemate.

And that was enough to take the contest to fifty moves without a capture, and a draw.

The crowd erupted into a spontaneous round of applause.

The East Cheshire knights were defeated honourably, but Sir Stephen had fought the Marple champion to a standstill.

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