Thursday, 3 March 2016

Stockport B 4.5 - 1.5 ECB

We were missing a few of our regulars on Tuesday night and realised we were going to be outgraded 30-40 points per board against a full strength Stockport B.  However, we actually put up a really good show and were unlucky to get nothing out of the match at the end.

Mike Crowther (167)  1 - 0  Tudor (138)

After losing in 6 moves last time against Mike, Tudor was confident of doing much better this time.  He did.  The blunder came on about move 12 this time (!) when unfortunately he overlooked Mike's bishop on b7 coupled with a queen raid along the g file.  Tudor rarely puts a foot wrong but has accepted that he is Mike's "bunny" now!

Andy Coe (162)  1/2  Bill (139)

Bill was last to finish in an interesting unbalanced game.  As per Bill:
"He played an English Opening and we both ended up with Ns in the centre. We both had a diamond P central formation after I took his N with a B and he took mine with a N.
He then decided to give up a P + R for 2 Bs. So I played with a Q and 2 Rs against a Q, 1R and 2Bs. Only one of his Bs was active however I had 8Ps so there were no open files. After I beat off his Kside attack I countered down the f file putting his Q and B at risk against a pinned K. With 5 min on my clock and 9 on his we agreed a draw......the room was empty by then."

Mike Tunstall (160)  1/2  Paul (122)
Mike played a Benoni type set up and opened up the centre too early and I was able to go 2 pawns up.  I then played too slowly and maybe too passive and reluctantly accepted a draw offer, as I was beginning to struggle on time a bit and conscious that I have been dropping pieces in time trouble recently!

Jill Barber (141)  1/2  Nick (113)

This was a Kings Indian Defence 4 pawns attack which produced a lively middle game.  Nick fought hard and applied some pressure but at the both had 4 pawns and a rook and it was a dead draw.

Dave Pardoe (141)  1 - 0  Edwin (102)

Edwin gets some great positions out of his queens pawn openings and this was no exception.  He was well in this game and it was very even.  He maybe should have exchanged queens when he had the chance, but in the end Dave got an attack in and forced a win.

Peter Taylor (121)  1 - 0   Geoff C (94)

Geoff played well against a London system and again it looked a very even game.  Unfortunately, Peter was able to eventually spring a discovered attack from his strong f4 bishop and that settled it.

We get our chance of revenge next Wed when we host them back at our place.

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