Thursday, 10 March 2016

Chorlton 4 ECA 2

After winning two matches in row could we get something out of our match at Chorlton to climb out of bottom spot? With a couple of our top 6 away it would be tough but miracles can happen!

1. H Mkhumba (186) 0.5 - 0.5 Steve

Steve played his normal solid system against the Sicilian and swapped off into a slightly favourable endgame where he had the better pawn structure. However there were no serious winning chances and a draw was soon agreed.

2. R Doney 0 - 1 Phil

A win! I had forgotten what that felt like. My cause was aided by my opponent arriving quite late and then banging out several moves quicker than was necessary. We ended up in a typical Sicilian Dragon position but with White having played both h4 and a4 there was nowhere completely ideal for the White King. My pressure down the c-file told in the end and I managed to grab a couple of pawns and win the endgame. Upon review afterwards the computer informed me that many of my moves were inferior but that is what computers are for! 

3. D Lee 1 - 0 Geoff B

Geoff grabbed a gambit pawn early on in a Gruenfeld and seemed to almost be a clear pawn up. However he was always a couple of moves away from consolidating and his opponent played very enterprisingly, eventually pushing Geoff into a blunder.

4. S Foulkes 1 - 0 Dave N

Dave seemed to get quite a lot of play in a Dutch defense but his opponent defended calmly and Dave was swindled in time pressure.

5. D Owen 1 - 0 Tudor

Tudor went a pawn down early on in a Queen's Gambit Accepted but had nice pressure in the centre to compensate. Sadly Tudor's central threats did not come soon enough as his opponent's Queenside pawns mobilised and the endgame would always be lost.

6. A Beresford 0.5 - 0.5 Bill

In a Queen's Pawn game Bill played solidly and was content to gain a rapid half point.

So no miracle but if we can get something out of our final match at home to Chorlton we should be safe.

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