Thursday, 10 March 2016

ECB 4 - 2 Stockport B

Stockport B were looking to consolidate their position at the top of the table and put a strong team out.  However we had a few of our stars back and were able to avenge last week's defeat against them.

Dave N (141)  1 - 0  Mike Crowther (167)

Dave again played well above his grade.  It wasn't all plain sailing against his strong opponent but he emerged a pawn up into the endgame and kept it going for a fine win.

Keven (139)  1/2  Andy Coe (162)

Kev played a Catalan and his light squared fianchettoed bishop did the trick in neutralising the game for a valuable half point.

David T (142)  1/2  Mike Tunstall (160)

David was a pawn up but Mike had his heavy pieces operating on the open h file.  When the attack fizzled out a draw was agreed with Mike's queen very active and plenty of checks available.

Tudor (138)  1 - 0  Jill Barber (141)

Tudor may have been the bunny last week but this week he was like a spring chicken!  His focused and energetic display gave him a pawn advantage and he finished off with assurance in the endgame.

Bill (139)  0 - 1  Dave Pardoe (141)

Bill played a Nimzo Indian but his opponent was able to get some open lines and was able to pick up a piece with a pin which had been overlooked. 

Paul (122)  1 - 0  Peter Taylor (121)

I was a pawn up out of the opening but tried to simplify a little early which gave Peter some counter attacking chances.  Fortunately, it was still a complicated enough position and Peter played it a bit passively and I was able to find the winning move.

So, all in all, a great result for us and it should be good enough to keep us in Div 2 for next season.

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