Thursday, 21 April 2016

ECB 4 - 2 Denton B

This was a big game for us - we needed at least a draw to guarantee we couldn't finish bottom.  Our plight was made much easier though when Denton turned up with just 4 players, so we got off to a flying start!

The remaining games were well contested.  Tudor had a slight edge in his game.  He had a B for a N and his opponent had a troublesome backward pawn but Tudor valiantly accepted a draw for the the team to get us another half point nearer.

Dave N was looking ok on board one.  His opponent had played a tricky f5 move applying pressure on the kingside but after a long think Dave found a way out of it and with a very active Q seemed to have many options with possibilities of gaining material.  Unfortunately......and with an audible gasp, when he did make his move he realised he had chosen the wrong option and lost the exchange and then the position fell apart.  It was a shame because without this oversight Dave looked in good shape.

So we still needed at least a half point and the remaing 2 games were on a knife edge.  David T had a great Catalan type B but had an isolated d pawn which he couldn't push forward.  He offered a draw (several in fact!) but as the game turned into the endgame Holty wanted to carry on.  Eventually, and with much relief for the home team, a draw was finally agreed.

Jim's game finished soon after.  He had good space on the queenside but the position was very closed and even.  Eventually though he managed to get his central pawns mobile which caused enough confusion to provoke a mistake from his opponent and gain Jim a well deserved win.

So in the end we won the match and that takes us to 9 points and bizarrely means instead of ending up bottom has now catapulted us to third place, which is where we are likely to finish.  Well done to everyone who has turned out for the B team this season!

0 - 1  Dave N v Dave Boulden (137)
1/2    David Taylor v Dave Holt (133)
1/2    Tudor v Stan Bradley (123)
1 - 0  Keven v DEFAULT
1 - 0  Jim v Dave Cook (111)
1 - 0  Paul v DEFAULT
4 - 2

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