Saturday, 23 April 2016

Macclesfield C 3 - ECC 2 (Mon 11th April)

Heavily outranked on most boards we gave it a good shot!

Nick was in his match all the way but a pawn down made a minor mistake towards the end which cost him his game.

I sacrificed 2 pawns to rip open his castled king and had relentless pressure for most of the game, but my opponent did not falter. He spotted every trap and tactical switch which would have won me the game, avoiding several checkmate positions. Eventually he rode out the storm and I threw away a knight letting him win comfortably. I came very close to a win.

Keith played an even game before edging ahead for a well fought win.

After studying his opponent last time we played Macc Geoff was hoping to play the same player again. The initial line up was that he would not, but after we defaulted on board 5, David Mallinson dropped out on board 3 meaning the other 2 moved up a board and Geoff got his man. Sure enough his study paid off and he moved into a commanding position and a comfortable victory.
1 Marc Jouannet (129) 1 Nick Flaherty (113) 0
2 Mick Renshaw (128) 1 Edwin Cooke (102) 0
3 Tom Robson (109) 0 Keith Hodgson (95) 1
4 David Styles (87) 0 Goeff Smith (73) 1
5 Default 1-0

Score 3-2

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