Thursday, 29 January 2015

East Cheshire 2 Denton 3

We bowed out of the President's Cup last night after just getting edged out by a higher graded Denton team.

Jim 0 - 1 Pablo Lopez (172)

Jim was white against the French and unfortunately got a rook trapped early on and that was curtains really.

David 1/2 Laszlo Antal (170)

David looked solid with his French Rubinstein and held on well in a pawn end game.

Alan 1/2 John Ryan (165)

Alan's London system won him the exchange for 2 pawns and then in the late middle game his knight started creating a lot of mayhem.  At the end, although a piece up, Alan agreed a draw because of a troublesome passed pawn.

Bill 1/2 Dave Holt (146)

Bill's Caro did the business for a solid draw and although he had double pawns he was never in trouble.

Paul 1/2 Tim Hilton (158)

After a fairly even Scotch transposition,  I managed to achieve a superior end position but failed to land the killer punch.

So, disappointing for us as we came very close to pulling off an upset.

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