Thursday, 22 January 2015

Stockport 4 ECA 2

ECA had a tough match at Stockport with three of the regular first team away (including me.) Despite not being there I have had some game reports so here is what happened:

John 0.5 0.5 A REEVE (186)

John: Against Andy I played 1.d4 d6 2.g3 in order to prevent his standard set up. Unfortunately this ended up leaving an open queen file with balanced chances. He offered me a draw. I took it. Fritz said equal position.
Steve 0.5 0.5 P CAWLEY (185)

Steve: this was my third game with the black pieces against Paul Cawley and my third draw! He played his usual solid line of d4 followed by Bf4 and I got a playable game with f5 and a Q side fianchetto. My hoped for edge didn't materialise and as I was quite a bit behind on time I agreed a draw. I thought he had a small initiative, although Stockfish had me up about 0.2. There again, what do chess engines know that we don't?!

Tudor 0 1 P SIDDALL (191)

Tudor: Enjoyed a violent game after another unknown opening to me which I played as a sort of QGD slav. Much uncertainty involving offers of my d4 pawn leading to my weak centre and a smashed king side, for which I had attack on his king which neither of us could work out (near perfect for chances against 191 graded Siddell.) But the first mistake seen and taken loses in this. I made it and lost ca move 35.

David T 0 1 D TOOLE (171)

David: I played the Nimzo against the Queens Gambit but wasn't energetic enough, and my opponent quickly seized the advantage to make a devastating attack down the h-file which led to mate despite desperate defensive measures.
Alan 0 1 M TAYLOR (171)

The happenings of this game will remain clouded in mystery for now.
Bill 1 0 M TUNSTALL (159)

Bill: As Black I played a Caro-Kann defence against the advance variation. He attacked my B with P-KN4. After stalling his centre attack he pushed down the K side and I deliberately didn't castle. He castled Q side and expected me to do likewise however I counterattacked instead down the QB file. With a brief respite to defend my K side, I was able to ignore this side and recommence the pressure on his Q-sided K. A judicious P sacrifice allowed me to play a P up to QB6 when I suspected he anticipated an exchange. With my Q + 2 Rs on semi-open files against his K, which was hemmed in by his own defense, I used my N to break in. Approaching the climax of an overwhelming attack White suddenly and mistakenly moved a N away saying check (it wasn't) allowing an immediate mate with 50 sec on my clock.

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