Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ECC 1 Macclesfield 4 (Weds 3rd Dec)

If Macclesfield A are a tough outfit, then their B team are even more misplaced in the 3rd Division. They are very strong with grades from 155 to 121. Their combined total was nearly 700!
Despite this the C team came very close to a draw! Roy and Geoff Smith were first to finish having fought bravely and giving their opponents lenghty matches. Geoff Clarke was cruising playing white, a piece ahead with a N posted on e6 supported by Ps on d5 and f5. Neither side could castle. Playing next to me I could see his opponent struggling to stay in it however he counter-attacked strongly and Geoff fell victim to a well worked checkmate.
I played against an opponent who started d4 and then Bg5....I don't know what that one is, however I played a Slav type defence and was never under any strong pressure. With both sides down to Ps and one R each a drawn position was reached.
Hartley, in his first match of the season, playing black went 2 Ps up and was very strong in the endgame, both sides with 1 B each. Both were down to their last 5 min and a draw was reached when the flags of both were ready to fall.
In the circumstances a good result.
Cheers Bill

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